Single Channel DMX Relay Switch PCB

  • Single Channel DMX Relay Switch PCB

Single Channel DMX Relay Switch PCB

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A single channel DMX relay switch for switching loads up to 10A at 240V AC.

The DMX-switch operates on the standard DMX512 bus and requires 1 channel for operation. The base address may be set between 1 and 512. 

PCB Size 78 x 47mm x 28mm high, 3mm mounting holes at 39mm x 71mm.

Connections 4-way block:

Ground  Power 0V connection

+V   12V DC @ 500ma standard version 

2   DMX Data  -  signal line connection

3    DMX Data +  signal line connection 

3-way Block

Load connections- single pole double throw contacts rated at 10A /240V AC 

3-Pin header

DMX termination resistor On/Off 


Set the required base address using the DIP switches 1 through 10. Add-up the values where the switch is set to the ON position, The Single Channel DMX replay Switch PCB Board defaults to address 1 if all address switches are at OFF and to 512 if the address adds-up to more than 512. 

DMX Led  is Lit when valid DMX being received and flashes when no signal is being received. 
Relay Led Lit when the Relay is activated. 

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