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Micro DeXstand

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The all new Dexstand joins the family of frames designed and developed by Advanced Event Designs including the Deckstand Booth Micro, V2 and the Micro Dexstand. It is one of the quickest and easiest deckstands to setup with a choice of front finishes including cloth, acrylic and aluminum Panels which can be left plain or laser cut/engraved with your company logo or pattern of choice.

The Dexstand moves away from the traditional booth look of the Deckstand Booth range designed by Advanced Event Designs doing away with the top angled crushbar of the stand to give a more traditional deckstand look. This makes the stand ideal for use as a technical show hide at conferences, greats for club dj’s who like to show their kit or for DJ’s that want a more traditional deckstand look but without having the setup time, lack of customizable options and the multiple sections to carry around that most deckstands have.

Like the Deckstand Booth V2 the Dexstand frame can be set up in just three easy steps:

1. Unfold the main Dexstand Frame
2. Unfold and slot in the foldable shelf to the sides of the Dexstand Frame
3. Attach your chosen frontage.

This means that setting up the stand takes less than 5 minutes from start to finish, including the cloth or acrylic panel frontage.

For transportation and storage the Dexstand frame and shelf folds down to less than 700mm wide making it possible to transport the dexstand in a car or van easily.

For front covering you have a choice of Acrylic panels in a multitude of colours and frosts (great for uplighting from behind) as well as Aluminum panels and all the current options available for the deckstand booth range such as black wool serge starcloths with White or RGB Tri-LEDs.

For those looking to have a more individual look we are able to laser cut and engrave onto both the acrylic and the aluminum panels which is ideal for adding your company name, logo or a unique pattern to make your dexstand stand out from the crowd.


24mm steel box section- welded joints.
Black powder coated finish
Heavy duty, self adhesive Velcro hook tape.

Frame weight 16kg
Shelf 5kg

Frame size (closed) 1000 mm high
700mm wide
200mm deep


Front Options:

Black Wool Serge Cloth

 Black Wool Serge Cloth Image

White Molton Cloth

 Image of White Molton Cloth

Voile Cloth


Black Wool Serge with Sparkles

Awaiting image

Black Wool Serge
with White LED

 Black Wool Serge White LED Starcloth

Black Wool Serge
with Tri-Colour


Black Wool Serge
with Intelli-LEDs

 Awaiting image of Intelli-LED starcloth

white instead of black
also available

White Molton White LED Starcloth

White Acrylic Panels
Allows light through

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 Black Acrylic Panels with 
White Circles / Squares
Or Diamonds

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  White Acrylic Panels with  
White Circles / Squares
Or Diamonds

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Custom Designed
Acrylic Panels

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Additional Add Ons:

Overhead Lighting Brackets
(per Pair)

 Deckstand Booth Overhead Lighting Bracket

Overhead Lighting
Gantry Only

 Overhead light gantry

Overhead Lighting
Gantry Set

 Overhead lighting Gantry kit for deckstand booth and dexstand range image

Lighting Clamps

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Carry Bag for Frame


Carpeted Shelf Liners


Additional Folding Shelf


Wheel Kit

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