LED Pixel & Intelli-LED Controllers

LED Pixel & Intelli-LED Controllers

Easy Pixel Controller - 170 Pixel DMX to SPI + Stand Alone Pixel/Intelli-Led Controller

Easy Pixel Cont...

The Easy Pixel Controller will control up to 170 RGB pixels or Intelli-LEDs individually or as a standard RGB Strip via DMX. It also has 26 built in programs which can be accessed via the buttons on the front of the controller.  T..
£66 Ex Tax: £55
LeDMX4 PRO - RGB LED Pixel Controller

LeDMX4 PRO - RG...

An OEM Board for direct sACN/E1.31 and Art-Net to RGB/RGBW pixel strip/array control. No longer do you need sACN/Art-Net -> DMX512 -> Pixel driver. Eliminate the DMX512 conversion using our LeDMX4 PRO and go direct sACN/Art-Net -> Pixe..
£115 Ex Tax: £96