Deckstand Booth Range (discontinued)

Deckstand Booth Range (discontinued)

The Deckstand Booth Range of stands are the missing link between the presentation and style of a booth and the functionality of a deck stand.

Clever construction means easy transportation , strength in use and a professional Image. Combine that with several options of cloth and the mood of the event can be enhanced.

The Deckstand Booth range of stands can be used either with or without the supplied shelf section and without the shelf, the Booth remains stable and will not fold up or splay when pressure is applied enabling you to use your existing Deckstand without worry. Each side return is fixed by a simple Thumbscrew arrangement in each corner which prevents accidental closure.

The angled "Crush Bars" protect your valuable equipment from unwanted attention or spillage.

With the shelf fitted there is ample space to take enough equipment to cope with all types of functions including Weddings, Discos or Band requirements.

With a range of front options including cloth, LED, acrylic and aluminium panels your Deckstand Booth can be as unique as you want it to be.

If the Deckstand Booth range dont meet your requirements in full please get in contact as we are also able to custom build them to the exact height and length required to suit your needs.

Deckstand Booth Micro

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The Micro Deckstand booth is the smallest stand to be released by Advanced Event Designs. At just over 2ft it fits a single 19 flight case and still having room either side for extra items. It has all the great design features and add ons of the D..
£369 Ex Tax: £308
Deckstand Booth V2

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The DSB V2 has been designed with transportation and storage in mind. The booth frame simply folds down to less than 700mm wide and the shelf folds in half making it possible to transport the deckstand booth in a car or van. Presentation is at..
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