Intelli-LED RGB Animation pixel dancefloor

We've always been proud of our flair for innovation and product development within the entertainment industry, continuing to push the boundaries using new technology and the Intelli-LED Colour Starlit Dancefloor is no exception.  

Unlike standard WhiteLED starlit dance floors that are only a single colour and have limited patterns and effects the Intelli-LED Colour Starlit dance floor is able to offer a wide colour mixing pallet with each Intelli-LED having its own mini "intelligence". This means it can be controlled individually giving creative freedom to create hundreds and thousands of patterns, animations, text and effects while not using up thousands of control channels.

Our Intelli-LED Colour Starlit Animation dance floors are ideal for use in all kinds of events from weddings, birthdays, corporate events, product launches, hotels and many more places looking for a practical special event dance floor.

Practical & Lightweight

Each panel section is made from a strong ABS plastic which is reinforced by us when installing the Intelli-LEDs to ensure it is strong and robust enough for life on the road.  Each panel connects together without the need for any tools and uses a simple interlocking connection system.  Each panel is strong, lightweight, resistant to water and moisture and has a high quality glitter sparkle finish, ideal for any event.

Quick and Simple To Install

Our 12ft x 12ft dancefloor can be setup by 1 person in less than 30 minutes.


The Intelli-LED Colour Starlit Animation dance floors are available in either all black glitter Sparkle, all white glitter sparkle or a mixture of black and white bases and come complete with  edging.

Control of the Dancefloor

With options of both stand alone or live computer control of the the IntelliLED Colour Starlit animation pixel dance floor it is ideal for event companies, DJ's and venues who may have a mixture of hires both with or without an operator.  With the stand alone controller you have 15 Patterns as standard (mixture of animation effects, twinkles and standard texts) plus an auto mode which will keep running through each of the patterns stored on the controller.

But match the IntelliLED dancefloor with our IL2 Live controller and the intelli-LED Dancefloor really does come alive and only your imagination is your limitation.  What's more our IL2 live controller isn't locked down to one software package and is compatible with a number of other pixel control software packages so if you aren't a fan of our own software we are able to provide the settings for various other free and commercial pixel software. Our dancefloor control software package will run on any Windows based system including laptops, tablets and full PC systems and allows you to control every aspect of the floor from the patterns, colours, text and any other effects. For those times where you want to let the floor do it's own thing and not control it through a computer the IL2 Live Control also has a backup offline mode with a choice of 99 preset animation effects and twinkles which it can run though.

Intelli-LED in Action



Quick Look Floor Features:

  •  Strong, reinforced ABS Plastic base with a choice of black glitter sparkle, white glitter sparkle or black and white sparkle finishes.
  • Install and de-rig very quickly due to the lightweight panels without the use of tools or screws.
  • Safe, low voltage system with an easy to clean surface.
  • Choice of IL1 Stand Alone controller or IL2 Live Control to display static or scrolling text, colourful animations and patterns, standard white twinkles, Images and many more effects with ease.
  • Available in a range of sizes including: 12ft x 12ft, 15ft x 15ft, 18ft x 18ft, 21ft x 21ft up to 40ft x 40ft
  • Designed and manufactured here in the UK by Advanced Event Designs.



The Intelli-LED Colour Starlit Animation Dance Floor  is also available to hire through our event hire partners UK Event & Entertainment Services so why not open a trade account and start re-selling the Intelli-LED colour dance floor under your own branding.


* Although our floors are designed to sit on most floor surfaces - underlay or boarding may needed on surfaces that are extremely uneven to avoid damage to the floor interlocking system.

Intelli-LED Colour Starlit Animation Dancefloor

Intelli-LED Col...

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