Venue Magic AV (DMX+AV V3)

  • Venue Magic AV (DMX+AV V3)

Venue Magic AV (DMX+AV V3)

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VenueMagic® AV (DMX+AV V3) is not just your industry standard, it sets the Standard! DMX is not just for lighting anymore, we've combined timeline editing, audio and video mixing and editing and sophisticated DMX lighting control into one complete, easy-to-use package. Then, just for good measure we threw in playlists, programmable sliders, DMX routing, DMX recording, MIDI control, beat detection and a whole lot more.

For full details on what Venue Magic Show Control can offer or for your FREE DEMO DOWNLOAD please visit our Venue Magic Site at

Venue Magic AV  (DMX+AV V3) Features:

Unlimited Timelines
Unlimited Audio Playback Tracks
Unlimited Cue Buttons
Unlimited Programmable Sliders
1x Video Playback Output with Multi-monitor output
1x DMX Universes
Envelope Editor
Audio Track Scrubbing
Master Sync Track
Midi Triggering and Control
Windows XP/Vista/7 32/64bit compatibility
Touch Screen Compatibility
MIDI Input Support
MIDI Velocity support on Cue Buttons
DMX Output Monitor
Custom Fixture Profile editor.
Build your own Custom chaser patterns/sequences
Channel Grouping
Support for additional interfaces (Enttec Open USB DMX Enttec USB DMX Pro DMX4ALL Velleman VM116/K8082
Lamp Calibration
Joystick Support
Fixture Report in .txt and .csv format
Channel Routing (Send MIDI Direct to DMX
DMX Merging (HTP LTP LOTP Average Scale Default Override
Timeline markers
Cross Fadeback (AV Magics unique ability to extend a single sound bite over time.
Beat Tapper
Event Track
MIDI Output support
Level Control Snapshot
Level Control Resizing and Scaling
Externally Controlled Chaser Speed
Notes Fields
Adjust Portable Project Files for your own fixtures (fixture replace
Audio Clip Beat Detection for Chasers
Artnet Universe Control
DMX Input (Enttec USB DMX Pro Enttec DMX Ethernet (Artnet
Real-Time Input recording (DMX MIDI joystick etc…
Input Scaling and Calibration
Event Scheduling Calendar
DMX Input Monitor
Simultaneous output to multiple audio device output
Serial communications event


This new plug in is available for Classic, DMX+AV and SC+ Only and allows you to control your timelines and cue buttons from within Virtual DJ.



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